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Our Team

Fire Chief    RANDY ATES

The fire department has a paid fire chief who handles the administration needs of the department.  The chief also assists with emergency calls and staff training. 

Randy Ates background includes three college degrees and over 30 years of fire and EMS management. He has an established history of working with fire departments which combine both volunteer and paid personnel.  He has also provided fire & EMS consulting, upgraded ambulance services and fire departments, and successfully tackled numerous special related projects.  Randy has credentials as a fire inspector, paramedic and registered nurse. 


Fire Chief Randy Ates welcomes your comments.  Please feel free to email Chief Ates at

Assistant Fire Chief   Gary Martin 

Gary Martin has over 30 years of fire service in both paid and volunteer positions.


Chief Martin is a certified Driver/Operator, Aerial Operator and a Fire/Arson Investigator through the Arkansas Fire Training Academy. He is also an Arkansas Advanced EMT and a credentialed Fire/Police Chaplain. In addition, Martin is an elected constable for his home community and a Baptist minister.

Lt. Matthew Roberts 

Matthew Roberts has a degree in fire science from Casper College in Casper Wyoming. He is a state and national certified firefighter I & II, EMT, fire officer, instructor, and fire and arson investigator. He is also an adjunct instructor for Arkansas Fire Academy.




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