Holiday Island Arkansas Newest City in Arkansas
Holiday Island ArkansasNewest City in Arkansas

Emergency Medical Technicians - EMT



Holiday Island is a community with many retirement-age residents, and as such has frequent calls for medical emergencies. 

Most of the department members are

Emergency Medical Responders (EMR) or

Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT)

As in the case of a medical call, the full-time duty person responds in an emergency vehicle with medical gear while volunteers bring additional equipment or respond directly to the address. 


Ambulance services are coordinated by the Western Carroll County Ambulance District.  WCCAD contracts with an area ambulance service to serve the west side of the county.  Ambulances respond from Eureka Springs just 6 miles away with : 


Paramedics and advanced care equipment  


Several air ambulances are also in the area.  Both Air Evac Lifeteam and Mercy Lifeline provide memberships to offset the high cost of air transport.  



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