Holiday Island Arkansas Newest City in Arkansas
Holiday Island ArkansasNewest City in Arkansas

Holiday Island Fire Department

Holiday Island has its own top rated Fire Department

Fire Department

Holiday Fire Department is made up of both paid staff and highly trained volunteers.


Fire Department

ISO rating of 5/6.



ISO Rating Defined

An ISO (Insurance Services Office) rating falls between O and 10. These ratings play an important role in the underwriting process at insurance companies. The rating is an analysis of nationally-accepted standards.


Factors examined to determine this classification:

Emergency reporting systems

Communications center

Computer-aided dispatch facilities

Dispatch circuits and how notifications are given about the location of an emergency

Type and extent of training provided to fire company personal

Number of people who participate in training

Firefighter response to emergencies

Maintenance and testing of the fire departments equipment

Water supply

Community risk reduction


The mule is a huge help in several areas. It can be outfitted with a grass fire tank and pump or a medical bed. They have used it to stand by at several events and have utilized it in emergency situations


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